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So, researching history (and I use the term as loosely as verbally possible) is SUCH FUN!

Well it is when you get to look at Sean Bean in Sharpe. He’s a real life version of these guys:

Sharpe - Philippa Keyworth - Author

Be all heroic, gruffly chivalrous and mmmm….

Of course, I do have to turn my head sideways and blur my eyes a little and slightly block my ears at times thanks to the appallingly low budget of this series. Yes, Sean Bean manages to wear the tightest and not best fitting costume, yes, they are supposed to be at the battle of Talavera but actually look as though they are mucking about on the Yorkshire moores and yes, when there is supposed to be a panarama shot of Wellington’s army camped out it actually looks like a small gathering of girl guides tents with about three extras milling around covered in mud.

Am I selling it to you?

Well I damn well should be! It’s, despite those rather minor set backs, pretty well acted and I really quite enjoy the rough and ready Private, then Sergeant, then Captain, then Sergeant again, then Captain again, then Major Sharpe who has risen through the ranks in a series of unbelievable events. Him and his band of ‘chosen men’ are all great shots and create a ‘merry men’ feel the way they look out for each other while serving in the Napoleonic wars…and finding a few wenches…

I can imagine my friend Bennetts tutting at me right now – Satirical eyes giving me that,

Seriously? You are basing your research on a DVD series? No hope for you.


And it’s true, I am a bit of a sham when it comes to historical research but you know what you say when everyone thinks you a sham?

I’m not a sham! I’m just different from everyone else — I’m unique

And that my friends is the poxy-est excuse in this day and age which is far to prevalent for my liking – Yes, it’s back to the books for me…

p.s. I’ll be carrying that series from previous blogs shortly thanks to the wonderful comments from a particular friend of mine 😉