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But my screen makes my eyes hurt.

But it’s hard to read on a screen.

But I can always go back and edit it.

I wanted to post a blog yesterday and was seriously upset that I have been so busy and stressed and AHHHHHH-ing that I just couldn’t face my blog. Then today, I was reading an article for work (I do stuff online) and I was shocked that I had to read the first paragraph about 4 times before I could figure out what the dufus was saying….Now there’s nothing like a little anger to get you in the mood for blogging is there? 😉

So I know I make mistakes on my blogs, others will read them and probably frown thinking,

‘I thought this woman was supposed to be able to write.’

Well, *blows raspberry* maybe I should but what I am talking about in this blog is the fragile state of grammar and English online thanks to the self-publishing empire, the Facebook Proper English killing phenomenon and the apathy of our nation – Big stuff.

Bad Grammar & English In Writing - Philippa Jane Norman - Author

Awful! Just Awful!

It’s not ok not to write your best, it’s not okay to think you can go back and fix it, it’s not okay to look at typing as second importance to pen and paper – yes, maybe you may feel a little like that if you are a traditionalist like me who still has a writing desk over-flowing with sheets and notebooks and scraps of written-on paper – however, the fact remains, times are moving forward and writing in all shapes and forms is going digital.

You might love hard copies of books, you might like library shelves full, you might like book shops, you might like writing with a pen – I sure do – But if you want to be a writer in this day and age, you need to firstly come to terms with what is happening to the writing world, secondly move with it and thirdly, keep your standards up.

Get an Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation book as my dear friend, M.M. Bennetts, sent me in the post…..I think it was an obvious hint…….

Although I still get things wrong….ALOT…. I am trying, and so should all writers and bloggers. Don’t be that person who misspells, has crud grammar and whose work is literally a work in itself to read – Don’t make me cling to my laptop screen in desperation, make grunting noises of annoyance and finally slam the thing shut – Get up, learn correct English, keep at it and be the best that the internet has to offer.

Gosh! I think I’m preaching to myself here………………….

I read an article which said:

‘we will be perusing legal action’ when they really meant, ‘we will be pursuing legal action’

‘I’m not going to be treated like somebody’s jockey’ – er, I think this FB user meant, ‘I’m not going to be treated like somebody’s lackey’

And always remember, it’s a lot easier to publish something online, and once it’s out there, it’s out there – You may delete the post but chances are, Google had already indexed it and got it on file. Therefore, before you hit publish, proof-read and think twice then…..hit…..the…..button……


P.s. I’m laughing because I have probably made numerous mistakes in this post – Why don’t we start a competition – Who can count the most mistakes?
Philippa Jane Keyworth – Author